Spring Your Look This Season With Yoga Practicing

Want to get a right set off a slim figure, glowing and healthy skin, mental peace and flexible body? Of course, i am not day dreaming. You can surely get this all. How? Well, you simply need to choose the start practicing yoga.

Most of the time people connect yoga with physical fitness, muscle strength and body flexibility overlooking its outstanding deliverables for the skin. By practicing various asanas, pranayama and sun salutations (Surya Namaskar as it is said in its origin country India), you can get a healthy, glowing and beautiful skin without paying a visit to expensive saloons or buying costly beauty products.

Yoga Makes You Look Younger

In this busy lifestyle, people hardly retain good stamina and strength till they reach in their forties. An American university conducted a survey to study the effect of modern lifestyle and overburden of work over people’s health. In the result, the researchers found that the people are looking elder than they actually are. The causes are malnutrition, over-exaggeration of the mind, wrong body posture while work hours, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Regular practicing yoga rejuvenates the body and mind. As said by many yoga gurus, a person’s age is determined on how flexible his or her spine is, not on the number of years he or she lived so far. Yoga brings surprising elasticity into your spine, tighten the skin, strengthen the abdominal muscles, correct wrong body postures, and eliminate the possibilities of double chin. You simply need to stay focused and be patient, as yoga isn’t a magic-wand that will start delivering on the very first action.

Yoga exercises enhance the mental competence and give a person the power to fight the external as well as internal traumas of all types – physical, phycological or mental, which in turn help one live longer and healthier. Though there are various forms of yoga, Hatha Yoga is mainly developed to help people live longer. Hatha Yoga aims to increase the vitality, improve vision, rejuvenate glands, resist diseases and make one look younger.

Get a Glowing Skin – The Beauty Benefits

Inverted postures of Yoga are acknowledged as the queen of all postures. They help the blood to flow smoothly from the head to the toe. They enhance blood circulation near the eyes and cheek area. Proper blood circulation clear the face skin from within, remove all toxins and make it look healthy. Pranayama are also recommended to leverage beauty benefits of yoga; they can be performed anywhere anytime. The postures will make you sweat and purifies your skin from within.

Lower the stress – Better the Skin

Stress is a major reason behind dull looking, wrinkled and unhealthy skin. Practicing Ashtanga Yoga regularly will help you relive stress completely. Or you can also do deep breathing, meditation to relax your mind and body. Hatha yoga too is another great stress buster tool.

No Stress = Sound Sleep = Healthy Skin (No Wrinkles and Bloodspots) = Healthier Life

Start practicing Yoga as soon as possible and see what wonders it can do for your look.